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Freaky Friday…

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I have to confess that this Friday of 13 was the most disastrous day in my life.

Everything began in the morning. My alarm clock didn’t wake me up (I had forgotten wind it up the evening before). I was in a terrible hurry not to be late for school. Luckily I had breakfast; I never leave my home without having breakfast. At school I had 7 awful lessons. The worst was geometry. That wi**h decided to check our home works (I am sure she new, that nobody had done them)

Then I was to have an extra lesson of physics because I’m going to take my final exam on this subject. Exhausted I went home. But when I came up to my front door I realized that I had left my key of home on the table. I don’t want you to know my thoughts that moment… I was furious because was extremely hungry and warn out. I wandered to my teacher of music. But she wasn’t at home. And I had to wait for 30 damned minutes. But when she (the kindest woman in the world) came, she treated me with a sandwich that moment while eating it I was thinking that I had never ate anything tastier.

After that I had lesson music, which lasted for 2 hours. I was close to die but I had to go home. At home I only had time to change my clothes and to take my French books. At 8pm o’clock in the evening my French lesson started. I think I was dreaming because the voice of my teacher sounded very far from. I don’t remember how I got home but I turn out there at 10pm o’clock.


Maximum The Hormone - Zetsubou Billy

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Нельзя сказать, что я яростный поклонник тяжелой музыки, но это песня мне приглянулась.



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